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Gold Cable Park

A unique formation and endless fun is waiting for you in GOLD CABLE PARK.

The Gold Cable Park which is located in Goldcity
Tourism Complex, is 18 km far from Alanya, 26 km far from Gazipasha Airport and 138 km far from Antalya
International Airport. You can raise your adrenaline and feel freedom with skiing on the water in 12 months of the year and you can enjoy the sun for 9 months of the year while skiing in our park. You can ski on a 420 meters long and 12 meters height lake K-1 and with you can act awesome skills on two small and big ramps with a funbox and a slider. But don’t forget! It is required to have basic training on 80 meters long K-2 beginner racecourse.

You are able to buy professional equipments in our store. You can also make these moments immortal with the help of our staff who will take pictures and amazing videos of you while you will be enjoying the moment. Professionals can also try advance moves to improve theirselves for wakeboarding. If you want to accomodate, Goldcity Tourism Complex is just one minute far and it offers different alternatives for you with comfort.


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